Monday, March 31, 2008

Don't wear jeans

if you wanna get into classy clubs.
OK, let me explain.
I woke up today really excited about the lunch invitation I had for the Metropolitan Club, an old NYC club on Upper East Side. But as all silver linings must have some clouds :) it was pouring outside! I tried on a few skirts, high heels and all that, but watching the rain outside got me, I couldn't bring myself to wear a skirt or even my elegant black pants, the rain would spoil everything, I thought, so I jumped into my jeans and pulled on a sexy red sweater (as sexy as the sweaters can be...). But I did take a cab, actually a black car service limo, excited about my first lunch in a NYC club. Well, rain brings disaster after disaster, believe me. The club had a dress-code. JEANS ARE NOT ALLOWED. I tried to hide my disappointment and embarrassment as businessmen in business suits were passing by, looking down at me, and I told the doorman I'd go to buy myself a skirt. No, he said, the Professor (the one who invited me) will take you somewhere else. And indeed my Cinderella experience ended in a cozy French restaurant, full of personality and character, with waiters with French accent and French dignity. The Professor assured me that the club won't disappear, it's been there for more than 100 years and still plans to be there so we'll go there on another time. Well, small consolation... I told my Drama students in class after that: Stop wearing jeans if you wanna get into classy clubs! They shrugged: Who cares about classy clubs?


alinaioana said...

Well I do care about classy clubs in NY. I think I care about everything I could find in NY. So... when I get the chance to get there I'll remember your story :D
PS:I just discovered your blog and I am very happy that my favorite Romanian contemporan drama writer has a blog(two blogs in fact :D)

Saviana said...

great to e-discover you, Alina.

I read your blog with pleasure.