Monday, August 11, 2008

The Retreat

Working on the "Barbarian Woman" at the Lark during a one-week writing retreat with some (other:-) great playwrights. The reading sessions have been very inspiring, with warm yet crisp feedback from the fellow writers. While in Romania a new scandal (the pink pony scandal - yes, ridiculous) is swallowing tons of people's creative energy, I feel blessed to be here in NYC, working on my play. All my struggles and problems are nothing compared to the fact that I am allowed to do my best work in a witty, smart, supportive and nurturing environment. I truly wish my fellow Romanians will learn soon to encourage an inclusive climate in which each person's point of view is respected. It's such a shame that a country with so many talented people is still a prisoner of unhealthy fiery self-destructive energy-wasting non-constructive scandals. I was exactly like that back home, enjoying the heat of an us-vs-them passionate war of pamphlets, but year after year, I learned here in New York that the goal-oriented pragmatic Americans always focus on getting their work done while I was diverting my energy in endless self-consuming inner/outer debates. I'm trying to "steal" that from them, to become more self-centered and goal-oriented. It's hard but I'm working on it. I owe something to my talent - to fulfill my artistic potential. I'm almost there. My career and life path have twisted and turned in unexpected ways but it's up to me to make new vibrant things happen. It's up to me. Up. Up. Paraphrasing Beckett: I can't go on. I can't go on. I go on. Up and On :)

PS: The words and feelings above reflect only where I am and what I feel right now. Tomorrow they might change un/fortunately. I might feel the need to engage in a passionate aimless debate:) Anyway, I just wanted to add that I do appreciate and respect honest journalists who are doing their jobs inquiring, commenting, digging for the truth in a civilized manner that's based on facts and constructive criticism. Well, a little passion, spice and wit can't hurt. Or can hurt, so make it crisp and professional.

PSS: On the other hand, bad publicity is still publicity. Nobody will jump to write/talk in the media about a good retreat at the Lark and about people working on a play/novel/short story in a nice, serious, focused way. It's always the scandal that gets attention. So...

PSS: About the germ of the scandal, the pink pony. The artist - Linda Barkasz - is very talented. I like her work. It has an imagery that's vibrant, vital, outstanding. Why a zvastica on the pony though? I guess she wanted to show that sometimes, behind a harmless cute appearance can hide a fascist or an extremist. It was maybe meant to reflect the darkness hidden in cuteness/beauty. Or - the contrary. The irrelevance of a such an evil symbol on a toy. The fact that ideologies can't affect innocent and genuine entities. Or they can, and that's scary.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Infanta. User's Guide.

My old one-woman play (2001) "Infanta. User's Guide" is at Edinburgh Fringe Festival these days starring Erika Blaxland-de Lange. This text about insanity, trauma and tragic women reminds me of too many things from back home in Romania. Down to the memory road. It's not comfortable so I better stay in NYC and focus on my work here: Aliens With Extraordinary Skills.