Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupre

She's the new headline so I must give her one in my blog too. Yeah, I can't help but scribble down a few comments on the sex scandal that stirred and troubled and excited the New Yorkers (and the whole world) this week. What's amazing for me in this story is not the fact that the governor Spitzer liked to have sex with prostitutes. He's a sexy guy and well, it's his and his wife's problem, not ours, I hate when we dig like this in other people's lives but media forces us to. What is actually fascinating for me is how a celebrity can be born over the night.

Kristen aka Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka Ashley Youmans was just a girl struggling to make the ends meet, an aspiring singer, a cool babe, a new New Yorker worried about paying her rent in Manhattan where for a tiny studio in a good area you have to pay over $3000. She was all that before her name and photos and bio were revealed in the New York Times and taken further by the TV networks afterwards. In a few days celebrity hit her hard and will put millions in her pocket. There will be covers in adult magazines like Hustler (they already made her a $ offer), interviews, a career in music, a book, a movie, etc, etc, all that jazz. Sorry, all that hip-hop :) Ashley is becoming a commodity, she can now be sold at prices much higher than her $1000 hourly charge as a luxury prostitute. She will wear aka advertise Manolo Blahnik shoes and Victoria’s Secret lingerie and a new TV series will start next year: The VIP Hooker…

Some people would talk here about "negative" publicity/celebrity, but what's negative these days, in this world, when principles and morality are old-fashioned artifacts, a world where money and success reign and for Ashley - who I'm sure is a nice and cool girl indeed - the scandal meant a springboard to a new life of fame and wealth. The "negative" part is unfortunately forced upon Silda, the governor's wife, and their three daughters. They are the casualties of this media/political war and with the risk of sounding cheesy and sentimental, I'm gonna ask: is it fair?

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