Saturday, February 9, 2008


OK. So... I'm starting a blog... Yeah, enough with the self-absorbed self-conscious self-indulgent self-induced self-read old-fashioned diary! My little pink notebook hidden under the pillow when I was 12, and 13, and 14, and 15, is now a super-yellowish relic, good to be buried in the cemetery of teenage rage and frustration... Oh yeah, of course, I've had a a bunch of e-diaries more recently, files that I email myself from time to time, you know, for backup, but enough with that too, it's becoming boring, tiring and ineffective. Plus it's narcissistic, navel-gazing, and somewhat masturbatory - in an intellectual kinda way of course.
So I say E-NOUGH, it's time to share savvy thoughts, savvy words and savvy-savi with the world. Not that I imagine The World would be particularly interested in me, but hey, you never know.

I used to be a journalist in my home country Romania, I got "reborn" in NYC in 2001 and here I am, another English-language writer with a new American identity, American references, American friends, American grad studies and American dreams biensure, cuz they come with the whole package if they hadn't already got settled into your brain years and years before the palpable reality of your visa and your plane ticket.

So yeah, I guess this is gonna be a sorta immigrant diary, a globalforeigner's diary, a theatre person's diary, a playwright's diary, a critic's diary, a poet's diary, a woman's diary, a Balkan-gal's diary, a ... all right, enough! - it's just a diary shared with (hopefully) thousands of blog voyeurs who get some pleasure in immersing into other people's lives and thoughts.

And yeah, sure, I can take comments, insights, criticism, smart or stupid replies, witty or silly questions, or answers, or thoughts, or ramblings, or rants, whatever. Just no curses please. Although sometimes it's fun to learn curses in different languages, that's how you see the most original dark side of a language, haven't you noticed? And curses might be the most genuine cultural exchange, aren't they what your new foreign friends love to teach you after a couple of beers or cosmos at multi-cultural festivals, gatherings and conferences around the world? (Well, not at the highly intellectual ones, those peeps try to keep sober, decent, smart, politically correct, "effortlessly" maintaining the interactions in the realm of academic politeness spiced up - in some occasions only - by what the Brits call conference-shags... )

Curses are fucking global. They don't necessarily express anger and violence, but a deeply repressed need to be understood by the Other. Don't get me wrong, I hate to be cursed or to curse in real life, but in writing/talking in a language that's not your first, curse words grow to have a certain charm, you feel you have a more intimate connection with that language, you feel accepted "inside". Maybe that's because so many curses involve sexual terms... Anyway, this is not an essay on curses and their role in fostering social and personal change. I'm rambling. But who cares, it's my BLOG, I'm doing here whatever I want. Forget my old doll Lily, my Little Mermaid slides, my red bike Pegas, my lit'pink-journal, times demand a new toy - the blog.
And who am I to say no to the Gods of Internet - with G from Google - to the new times of fast-food, fast-thought and fast-love. I better start fast-blogging. Gee, it's fun!



Cristi Neagoe said...

hei savi, i see a short and intense party conversation really got you goin'. from online magazine to blogging, that's like leaping right into the cold mountain lake of web 2.0.

may i be the first to say welcome? or are u moderating your comments?

i'll be watching the savvy thoughts of savi and i'm glad she got over the burgeois "oh, that's so trendy that in makes me not do it" bullshit. of course some stuff become trendy and some instruments get to be used by people you don't really like. but that doesn't make the instrument itself not worthy. remeber the mobile phones boom? there was this time when high-brow friends were dismissing the new technology with a superior grin and the ready-made discourse as old as papirus. now they have two or three of those annoying objects.

have a great time blogging. and don't worry too much about your frequency and stuff. just write when you feel like it. and put your readers in contact with the things you find delicious in your travels & travails. so they'll stay.

Saviana said...

Thanks Cristi!

I'm not moderating anything and I'm not moderate at all in this blog :)

I especially welcome comments from savvy and witty bloggers like yourself, cuz they stimulate my blogging juices, but I can take the less talented ones too (no one will admit s/he's one of them of course, or who knows, peeps can be surprising), so yeah, I welcome extra-super-bloggers-without-borders: the click-and-go ones, the stay-and-leave-a-comment, the read-it-twice etc