Thursday, May 24, 2012

4 ALICE - a site-specific project

Come peek inside ICRNY's Window on Third Ave (at 38th Street) to see "4 Alice" written by Saviana Stanescu, designed by Daniela Codarcea Kamiliotis and directed by Ana Margineanu. FREE. 
Every day thru May 29, 8 - 10 pm (new show every 20 minutes)

"The Window succeeds in its creative transformation of an otherwise nondescript building space that is normally used as a bookstore, a reception area or a meeting place.... The belief in the power of the story is what distinguishes The Window from other attention-getting simulacra in New York.” – 
Randy Gener,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Polanski Polanski in Solonova Festival

a monologue in three parts
Performed by Grant Neale
Written by Saviana Stanescu
Directed by Tamilla Woodard
Produced by Nomad Theatrical Company

MAY 12 and 16 at 9pm
MAY 14 and 17 at 7pm
MAY 20 at 9pm

75 minutes
Photo by Nancy Keegan

In this hyper-physical monodrama performed by Grant Neale, playwright Saviana Stanescu (on of 2010 People of the Year) has imagined three threshold moments in the life of the famed film director Roman Polanski. Under the direction of 3 time SoloNOVA director Tamilla Woodard, this fast moving tale of Desire, Escape and Punishment, mixes film and theatre as it delves into the brilliant mind of the controversial figure, sometimes victim sometimes villain. Performed in English, French and Polish, Polanski Polanski was commissioned and Developed by Nomad Theatrical Company.

“The writing is astonishing…a remarkable compelling performance by Grant Neale and fluid often surprising direction by Tamilla Woodard.” - Martin Denton,